Located in southern Nevada near the Colorado River is the largest city in the state. America's gambling capital is also its fastest-growing city (nearly doubling since the 1990s), with around 584,000 city residents and a metropolitan population of over 1.9 million. At the turn of the century, railroads helped grow the city, but the most significant development came in 1931, when gambling became legal in Nevada. Casinos and hotels sprung up in the downtown area; after World War II, "the strip" was created, with huge hotels, restaurants and entertainment and gambling complexes that lure vacationers and fortune seekers from both coasts. Las Vegas now has more hotel rooms than any city in the world, and 19 of the world's 20 largest hotels. With no city or state taxes and new hotels constantly creating jobs, Las Vegas attracts young transplants seeking fortunes from its bustling economy containing four Fortune 500 companies.

Las Vegas is famous for its world-class nightlife, with some of the finest restaurants in the country, musical productions at every turn, a myriad of family-based and show-themed entertainment options, and (of course) gambling.

Fortune 500 Companies: Caesars Entertainment, Las Vegas Sands, MGM Resorts International, Wynn Resorts

Major Employers: NV Energy, Wynn Resorts, Southwest Gas, Caesars, MGM Resorts

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Las Vegas, NV

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